• Amber Island - Baetik TV Interview

    Jalal Al-Husseini " AI's Director" interviewed by Kuwaiti TV program Baetik.
    In this video you can see some of Jalal's private collection of amber antiques.
    The duration of this video is 21 m

  • The Kootomoto

    It began about 15 years ago, when Jalal Al-Husseini put together the design with some Faturan beads. The weird but very fitting name was actually what he use to call some of his very small misbahs. While speaking to one of his close friends, he told him about a new cute Misbah the Kootomoto and ever since the name caught on.

  • Art Deco Gadget Cane

    Very interesting Art Deco Pimp cane with Faturan top.