Faturan Oxidization

Faturan, as a material, displays an extreme example of a characteristic common to most phenolics – surface oxidization. Most phenolic will, over time, oxidize to a darker form of its original colour, but Faturan has the unique characteristic of, regardless of the original colour, always oxidizing to a dark red. This red colour caused the material, in the Middle East, to become known as ‘cherry amber’. If the red surface oxidization is removed the original colour of the material is exposed underneath. Oxidization means this car gear stick knob appears to be a dark cherry colour on the outside. However, once cut into segments the true colour of the material is revealed as green with a translucent yellow top. Due to oxidation over time even water clear Faturan turns cherry red, this has become one of the main reason bead collectors love Faturan as with time they experience and witness the prayer beads changing from one color to another.

Faturan Gear-stick cut into segments

A 1930s Faturan Gear-stick